You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate or have lots of capital to become rich. The key towards financial freedom lies in proper financial planning, building the right income streams and knowing how to manage, protect and grow your wealth.

Sadly, today’s erratic financial market has cast a shadow of doubt into every aspect of our financial stability and many frantically dived into new instruments not fully knowing their complexities.

If you’re looking for the right financial education & tools,
you’ve come to the right place.

Arguably the finest wealth creation show in Asia, thousands of delegates attend the Wealth Expo each year to learn valuable lessons on money and financial success from world-class speakers representing renowned investment and business personalities, celebrities and experts in one location with one common goal; that is to educate the public on financial literacy and empower like-minded individuals with the financial know-how to make better informed decisions to thrive beyond this economical uncertainty.

Each is a speaker in a specific financial success area, from stock investments to commercial real estate. The information you’ll be exposed to is nothing short of spectacular and the relationship building opportunities you have at a gathering of 3,000-5,000 like-minded individuals is second to none.

By the end of this 2 day event, you will walk away financially savvy, have a clear and solid plan to achieve your financial goals and more importantly, knowing where and how to invest your money in 2013 and beyond.

Isn’t it time you went in pursuit of your financial dreams?

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  • Where and how to invest your money in 2013 and beyond for maximum profit returns

  • Unlock your hidden talents you never knew existed and realize your path of least resistance financial success, health and relationships

  • Protect your portfolio from the global economical uncertainties and turn the European debt
    ...crisis into your advantage!

  • How to increase your business profits by keeping your customers happy & coming back for more

  • How ordinary people generate passive income starting with little or no money in less than 9 days

  • Secrets of the rich that you will not find anywhere else

  • How to plan, design & create a roadmap to financial success to achieve the lifestyle you
    ...always desired

  • How to spot great property investment opportunities